About EBAT

EBAT knows that the future of British Tennis will be found in the numbers that we can attract to our wonderful sport; with this in mind our aim is to develop strong relationships with our infant and primary schools and through these links promote our sport and offer tennis training opportunities to all.

The EBAT Road Show team visits local schools and delivers an exciting and stimulating tennis experience based around speed, reaction, power, eye hand co-ordination and fun tennis related games. All the EBAT Tennis Road Shows are delivered free of charge and all pupils are offered a free trial follow on tennis programme for a month where they can experience all that our game has to offer. After this trial period every pupil is offered a place at EBAT, regardless whether they want to play tennis for fun or join the highly professional EBAT academy and learn the craft of being a professional tennis player.

Although EBAT hopes of producing a future British number one and possible Grand Slam champion, this is not our only focus, primarily and fundamentally we want to play our part in the process of developing well disciplined, polite and healthy individuals. We pride ourselves on our motto “Once an EBAT player, always an EBAT player” and our holistic developmental programme reflects this ethos.

We aim to holistically develop our EBAT players firstly as valuable members of society, then develop their love of tennis and finally ensure that there is a place at EBAT no matter what skill level of tennis they possess, hence our motto, “Once an EBAT player, always an EBAT player”. This is possible because our programme is delivered by a select band of professionals all of whom have areas of expertise to achieve these EBAT goals and vision.


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